Welcome to Thirsty Hammer Workshop!

As we announced on May 1, we are closing our Cedarburg Studio at the end of June.  We will be running classes through June 20th and will be open for Strawberry Festival on June 23rd and 24th.

We are having a huge Store Closing Sale!  Many items have already sold but we have Sample Signs, Retail Items, and Fixtures priced to sell.  We will be open 30 minutes prior to each class and also take shoppers during our classes!  We will also note on our Class Calendar when we have open shopping hours separate from our classes! 

As a special thank you to our loyal customers, ALL of our remaining open enrollment classes are discounted!  If you would like to join us “one last time” or “several last times” the following classes still have spots open (some are selling out quickly!),  Click the links below to register or visit our Class Calendar to see them all.  

Email us if you have any questions (info@thirstyhammerworkshop.com) and we will respond promptly!


Wednesday, May 22nd 6:30-9:30

Thursday, May 23rd 6:30-9:30

Thursday, May 30th 6:30-9:30

Friday, May 31st 6:30-9:30

Saturday, June 1st 4:00-7:00

Monday, June 3rd 6:30 – 9:30

Friday, June 7th 6:30-9:30

Saturday, June 8th 2:00-5:00

Thursday, June 13th 6:30-9:30

Saturday, June 15th 5:00-8:00

Thursday, June 20th 6:30-9:30


Friday, May 24th 6:30-9:30

Thursday, June 6th 6:30-9:30

Wednesday, June 12th 6:30-9:30

Featuring DIY Workshops to stimulate your imagination.  From our Sip & Stain workshops to glass painting to our specialty classes and guest artisans, Thirsty Hammer Workshop provides all project supplies and a knowledgeable staff who provide step-by-step instructions, inspiration, and fun! We have snack food, beer, wine and soft drinks available for purchase in all of our workshops to enhance you experience.

Sip & Stain Workshops are our flagship workshops but we also offer other creative workshops including Chunky Blankets (coming soon), Glass Painting, SplatterTime (coming soon), Floral Classes, Cake and Cookie Decorating and other fun workshops.  You can find available classes on the Class Calendar and check out the Project Gallery for all our designs and pricing!  At the end of a Thirsty Hammer Workshop event, you will get to take your finished project home with you!    However, Thirsty Hammer Workshop events are as much about the experience as they are about creating customized pieces.


Chunky Blankets

Join us in the studio to make one of our 40”x50” chunky blankets. Knit, by hand, from chenille yarn, it is the soft and snuggly addition to your home you have been dreaming about!

Garden and Floral

We offer periodic Garden and Floral Workshops featuring Floral Centerpieces, Succulents and Garden Stakes. .

Glass Painting

Coming Soon.

Sample Specialty Classes

We hold cake decorating workshops taught by Delicately Delicious, cookie decorating workshops taught by Edible Impressions and candy making workshops taught by Sweet Connections classes.

Sip & Stain Workshops

A Sip & Stain workshop is one of Thirsty Hammer Workshop’s flagship DIY wood sign and project classes held in our Cedarburg studio. We offer Open Enrollment classes and Private Parties.

SplatterTime Workshops

SplatterTime Workshops are new and exciting at Thirsty Hammer Workshop. We offer Open Enrollment classes and Private Parties.



How Do I Register?

Registering for one of our workshops is as easy! Our Class Calendar shows our full schedule including Sip & Stain wood workshops, kids classes, floral events, cake decorating and more.

What’s New and Exciting?

Our News and Events Page and our Facebook Page are the best ways to keep up to date on what’s new.

Where are we located?

We are located at W61 N506 Washington Avenue in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. We can be reached at (414)378-6373 or email info@thirstyhammerworkshop.com.