Donation Requests

GiveBack Parties and Donation Requests:

Thirsty Hammer Workshops believes in supporting our local community. We are committed to hosting as many fundraisers as possible but are limited in how many we can hold. If you are interested in having a GiveBack Party or otherwise are requesting a donation for your organization, please fill out the form below. We review our requests bi-weekly to determine which requests we can meet and will notify those selected. We typically limit our GiveBack Parties to one per month and give preference to local organizations. Please plan your event well ahead of time. The longer it is on our calendar, the more likely it will be a success.

GiveBack Parties

Here is how a GiveBack party works:

* GiveBack Parties are offered Monday-Thursday, subject to availability. There is a minimum of 10 attendees and our studio holds a maximum of 24 registrants.  Because this is your event, we encourage and expect that you will publicize the event, encouraging friends, family, and other organization supporters to attend. We will also post the event on our Facebook Page about 10 days prior to the event to advertise your event if spaces remain.

* You will receive a check from the Thirsty Hammer ($10 for each full price registrations  on projects of $50 or greater ) within 10 days after the event.  Customers may not use gift cards or apply coupon codes.

* Wine, beer, soft drinks and light snacks will be available for sale to all registrants and may help attract attendance. If you would like to provide food or drinks for your guests, please email us for current options. All food beyond our light snack menu must be pre-ordered (72 hours ahead).

If you would like to hold a GiveBack please fill out this form and we will contact you with details and confirm eligibility [501(c)(3) or equivalent status] and studio availability.

Donation Requests

We typically get 10-20 requests for donations per month for products and gift cards for silent auctions, raffles, and other donation purposes. We are a small business and while we do our best to support local community organizations we cannot meet all requests. Please complete the form below to request a donation. We review our requests bi-weekly to determine which requests we can meet and will notify those selected via email. We do not accept requests via phone or email, so please use the form below!

Thank you for your request! If you are selected for a donation, we will notify you by email!