SplatterTime Workshops

SplatterTime Workshops are new and exciting at Thirsty Hammer Workshop.  We offer Open Enrollment classes and Private Parties. They are offered select weekends only due to set up and tear down. but we will do our best to accommodate all requests!

Here is how it works:

1.  We start each Splatter Party with a complimentary drink while we assemble your Splatter Squad and our staff gives you an overview of the process.  Complimentary drinks include wine, beer or soft drink, but obviously minors will be provided water/soda only.  If you are painting stencils those will be painted.  Additional beverages are available for sale during the rest of the event.

2.  Next your Splatter Squad will gear up.   We provide protective gear including coveralls or ponchos and booties for over your socks (no shoes allowed inside).  While our gear covers most of you and will not allow mild splashes to penetrate there is a possibility that if your Splatter Squad “oversplatters” that small amounts of paint may seep in.  As a result, we highly recommend wearing clothes guests don’t care about, as we cannot be liable for any damage to your clothing.

3. When you are all geared up we will snap a memorable photo of you and your squad that we will post on Facebook after class to allow you and all of your Splatter Squad to download (free).  You will then enter the Splatter Lair where you will be shown how to paint.  Drinks are allowed inside so be sure to refuel before going in.  You will choose from any or all of the paint colors provided to splatter your masterpiece.

4.  When your splatter time ends, you will exit the SplatterLair and gear down.  Our staff will take care of placing your masterpiece in a place to air dry while you take photos and recombobulate.  Depending on the length of your party you will have time so socialize and refuel your drinks if desired.  

5.  Please plan for transporting a wet canvas.  While it will be dry to the touch, it will not be fully dry another 24 hours so handle with care when leaving and transporting.

Please note that we do not have a lot of space in the studio and Lair for “bystanders” so any guests who are not part of the SplatterSquad may be asked to congregate in our bar area.